Kersi B. Shroff

Executive Committee, Religious Land Use Working Group

Kersi B. Shroff, Attorney-at-Law, is a Founding-member and Past-President of the Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington (1979). Zoroastrians from India, Iran, and Pakistan have settled in the United States in recent decades, and over 200 families reside in Montgomery County. The community has recently established a place of worship in Boyds. Mr. Shroff provided assistance on issues of construction and on outreach to the community at large. He has served on Montgomery County’s Religious Land Use Working Group since 2014. He actively participates in interfaith activities. Zoroastrians are followers of the ancient religion revealed to Prophet Zarathushtra (Zoroaster, to the Greeks), of ancient Iran, circa 1800 – 1,100 BCE.  A belief in one supreme God, Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord), and living a life of individual responsibility, are fundamental to the faith. Mankind has the freedom to choose between good and evil but must bear personal responsibility to reap the consequences. The quintessence of Zoroaster’s teachings is embodied in the triad-principles of Humata (Good Thoughts), Hukhta (Good Words,) and Huvareshta (Good Deeds). Mr. Shroff, served the United States Government for 33 years as the Co-Director of congressional legal research, and Chief, Western Law Division, at the Law Library of Congress, Washington D.C.