Environmentally Friendly Resources for Houses of Worship and Faith Communities

Being environmentally conscious is important to many of our faith communities. Montgomery County provides many resources and tips on ways we can better care for our environment, including tree planting resources, RainScapes, solar panels and more.

Please see below for more information on ways your community can utilize these resources.

Energy Savings and Efficiency Programs and Solar Panels

Montgomery Energy Connection aims to provide personalized education on energy efficiency benefits, program availability and assistance to fit the needs of the community partner involved. Outreach events include:

  • Energy Exploration: an interactive energy-saving game

  • Lightbulb exchange

  • Make Energy Cent$

To learn more about the energy-saving measures and programs email energy@montgomerycountymd.gov.  

Solar Panels: Montgomery County Greenbank and Interfaith Power and Light can help your congregation find ways to purchase solar panels. Through power purchase agreements, congregations can find a private company to put up solar panels at the company's expense.

To get the latest information, click here: ipdlmv.org/solar

No out-of-pocket costs for installing EV chargers: the 0% bridge loan through the Greenbank will cover the expected utility and state incentives and rebates, parking space allocation, and up to an additional 10% to cover on-site expenses for installation that state and utility programs do not cover.

Tree Montgomery and RainScapes

Tree Montgomery is a free program that Houses of Worship within the County can implement to grow tree canopy by planting trees that offer a lot of shade. Tree Montgomery staff offer assistance to help pick the right site and plant species to grow on the property.

For more information on how to get a free shade tree, click here.

RainScape programs in the County aim to conserve and beautify landscapes, lower water and energy use, improve air quality and promote wildlife habitats. Houses of Worship are eligible for rebates through the RainScapes Reward Rebate Program. Places that install RainScapes are qualified for up to 80% credit off their yearly property tax.

Projects include:

  • Green roofs

  • Rain barrels

  • Permeable pavements

  • Rain gardens

  • Cisterns    

Other Resources

Faithful Green Leaders Training: Interfaith Partners of the Chesapeake offers a 3-part training to is aimed to help congregations with the tools and support to launch a thriving Green Team and also to help provide the participants critical skills to grow and strengthen their team.

Energy Audit: Montgomery County Greenbank offers advice, education and project management advice. Energy efficiency upgrades include improvements for better insulation, energy-efficient lighting and HVAC system upgrades.

Waste Reduction Audit: Offered by My Green Montgomery, this will allow you to understand what type of trash you produce. A waste audit can help you find ways to save money and what waste is being generated.

Resilience Hubs: Houses of Worship can serve as locations for resilience hubs because of their role in many communities. Here are ways to participate:

  • Shelter and Accommodation

  • Food and water distribution

  • Medical support

  • Communication and information

  • Community mobilization

  • Power and energy services