Faith Community Advisory Group

Montgomery County, Maryland

The purpose of the Faith Community Advisory Group (FCAG) is to ensure that the County Executive is well-informed of, and able to, act effectively in response to the needs and concerns of the Faith Communities in Montgomery County.

Information about the FCAG and it’s policies, members, events and newsletters can be found on this site.

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Upcoming and Previous Meetings

Learn more about previous meetings, including minutes and video recordings. A list of dates for upcoming meetings will also be provided.

Recordings of Townhalls and Other Events

View recordings from previous events, including townhall events highlighting county and non-profit resources available to the faith community.

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Religious Land Use Working Group

Learn more about the Religious Land Use Working Group (RLUWG) and how they can help your congregation navigate county resources and support affordable housing efforts.

Emotional Spiritual Care Volunteers

Learn more about the Emotional Spiritual Care Volunteer (ESCV) program and how they can help communities and individuals in crisis.

House of Worship Security Resources

Learn more about trainings and grants available to help make your congregation feel safe.