Kamlesh Shah

Kamlesh Shah is a well-known community leader and has served on the boards of many cultural and faith based non-profit organizations. He has held several leadership positions and been recognized at local and national levels for his selfless services to the Indian community.  

He has been a religious teacher on Jain fundamentals, principles, rituals and practices for over two decades. He is also a Washington representative to the national jain federation. He has also served as a Chairman of the Board of United Hindu and Jain Temple’s Association, which represents fourteen Hindu and Jain temples in the Metropolitan Washington area.

Kamlesh regularly works with the programs and activities of the Interfaith Council of Metropolitan Washington. He has been a key supporter of the multifaith Unity Walk held in Washington DC every year.  He has spoken at multifaith events and conveyed the message of peace and universal brotherhood.

Kamlesh was instrumental in opening of Dharmalaya (a multi-faith prayer place) on the campus of Georgetown University in Washington DC.

He has been a resident of Montgomery County for over twenty-five years.