Amy Costello, MD, MPH

Dr. Amy Costello is a member of the Rockville Baha’i community, where she has had the privilege of serving on the Rockville Local Spiritual Assembly (LSA) for most of the last 10 years. The Baha’i Faith does not have clergy, and instead relies on locally-elected representatives to manage the administrative affairs of the community. As a Baha’i, Amy has a deep commitment to social justice, particularly in the arenas of racial equity and universal education.

In her professional life, Dr Costello is a physician double-boarded in Pediatrics, and in Public Health and Preventive Medicine. She currently works in academic medicine, directing the public health and preventive medicine residency at the National Capital Consortium in Bethesda, and teaching pediatric residents and medical students.

Amy has lived in many places but loves the vibrancy and diversity of Montgomery County. She and her family are delighted to have settled here, and now regard Rockville as home.